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We All Have Godís Love Within

Do you know something about Godís love?

Do you know about Godís abundant love?

Well, I can tell you something about my experience with the love of God is always the same.


I experience Godís love every day, every second, and every day is a miracle. God always loves us, protects us, takes care of us and watches over us every day; itís just that we come to know this better after we have the reconnection with Him. After you reconnect with God, youíll know when God wants you to do what. Sometimes we have a very sharp intuition or sometimes we even receive direct instructions so that we know what to do in our daily activities.

Before the connection, itís almost as if we donít know if God even hears our prayers or not. We may feel we donít have proof of Godís existence or Godís love because we donít see what Heís is doing for us. We donít sense the answers Heís gives to our prayers. But after the re-connection, we know this more clearly because we can see God every day and hear Heirs teaching.

God is always there. Everyone tells us that; the Bible states clearly that God lives within us and that this body is only a temple so weíre all Godís manifestations in the physical realm. The reason we donít recognize Godís grace and donít feel Godís love is that we look in the wrong places. Weíre too busy: busy earning money, busy keeping our position and busy surviving so we forget that the giver of all things, the owner of all these enjoyments is within us. So when someone points out to us where God is, we see right away. All we have to do is just reserve a little time each day to recognize the God within. And later it becomes natural that we remember God and see Him; we can see Him almost all the time twenty-four hours a day. We can see Him anytime we wish to see and hear Him anytime we wish to hear.

Heís is there all the time.

God loves us so much that Heís wakes us up if weíre going to be late for work because the alarm didnít ring or Heís leads us to the right shop if weíre in a strange land and we donít know where to go to buy things. Heís even takes care of our personal affairs, mends our broken love, heals our wounded hearts and comforts us in any way possible once we know Him. Thatís why Jesus said, ďI will send a Comforter to you.Ē

The Christ power can take any shape or anybody in order to comfort us. This can be anybody for the Son of God manifested in different in different bodies. Thatís why when someone asked Jesus, ďAre you the reincarnation of Elijah?Ē Jesus kept quiet; He didnít deny it because itís the same power, the one and only Holy Spirit that descends to Earth through different generations to comfort the beloved children of God and bring them Home.

If we truly love God and want to see Him, one day or another weíll encounter this so-called Comforter, the spirit that comes from God, the one that chooses any so-called office or body to work in to bring us comfort and bring us the Light again, and then our life becomes the way we want in every way. We feel so secure, so loved and we know that after leaving this physical body weíll go to Heaven because weíre already going to Heaven every day to check it out.

In the Bible, Saint Paul the Apostle said, ďI die daily.Ē And so itís through the process of resurrection again and again and again that we can learn. To die doesnít mean that weíre finished or that we have no more life; itís just a change of station, a change of house or a change of clothes.

We can die in two ways: One is the big death we experience at the time we leave the physical body forever, but we can also die a short, temporary death by leaving the body, keeping the connection cord and then coming back again. Weíll never fear death again because we know where weíre going after we die.

Weíve all heard from the different religions that Heaven awaits us. Itís said that Heaven awaits us if we believe in Christ, if we believe in God, that weíll go straight to Heaven after we die. Weíve all heard this. But some of us want to know it now. We want to see Heaven while weíre still here: number one, just to make sure, and number two, we want to know Godís love now because here in this world we need it more. Once weíre in Heaven, weíll already have everything. Surely we wonít mind then whether we know Godís love or whether we know Heaven because weíll already be in Heaven. So while weíre in this world of suffering we need Godís love even more; we need to be assured of a place in Heaven more than ever.

To these people we offer our help because itís a pity we donít know Heaven when Heaven is at hand; it says so in the Bible. Itís a pity we donít know God because God lives in this temple, the body. Heís is right here! Itís a pity that we donít know so we should know. Surely God loves us in Heaven as well as here but if we can know Heís love right now and make use of it, wonít that be better?

We all have fathers and mothers and if we were separated from our parents when we were young or when we were a child, weíll always want to know who our true parents are because we believe that no one can love us better than our true parents. Similarly, if we hear that we have a Father in Heaven of course we want to know Him, and thatís the reason I tried so hard, looking everywhere, just because I wanted to see my Father. And now that Iíve found Him, Iíd like to share this knowledge with everyone who wants to know the same thing and who wants to know our Father; because nothing in this world and no love in this world can compare to it. When we have God inside, when we know God again inside, we have everything. Weíre so secure, so loved, so valuable and so precious that we feel, we know and weíre definitely sure that weíre the Presence of our Heavenly father.


God's Love

Father God, I come into your presence so aware of my human frailty and yet overwhelmed by your love for me. I thank you that there is no human experience that I might walk through where your love cannot reach me. If I climb the highest mountain you are there and yet if I find myself in the darkest valley of my life, you are there. Teach me today to love you more. Help me to rest in that love that asks nothing more than the simple trusting heart of a child. In Jesus name, Amen

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